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Why renting your equipment ?

For many of our guests it´s no question anymore to rent their equipment in one of our shops – the advantages are not far to seek. Is it worth to buy you own skiing equipment for your skiing holidays, which may last for approximately 7 to 10 days? And furthermore, buying a ski carrier for your car to bring your equipment from your home to your holiday destination and vice versa ? And much more, such thoughts have to be considered for your children, as they are constantly growing, and you will need new equipment every year!

Our rental equipment is fitted to each of our guests individually – from searching the right model and size of ski boots, choosing the right length and type of skis to the competent and professional adjustment of the safety ski-binding and periodically checks. Of course, our skis are always top-serviced, and if you´ll hit a stone on the ski slope, it´s no problem – with our modern ski servicing machines we will do this „pit stop“ for you quickly and experienced. Remember – only top maintained equipment is safe equipment ! Exactly for those from you who are beginners and untrained skiers, a slip on a icy part of the ski slope due to a dull, not well maintained edge of your skis is not only annoying, but can be a harmful reason for a serious injury!

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